Building. Creating. Solving.



Exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math at a young age can help build a solid basis for future learning. Strong skills in these areas are important now and will be even more important as students grow and our world advances. Preschoolers have a strong desire to learn, ask questions and explore, and STEAM is the perfect foundation in which to do so.

Why Little STEAMers?

Our program will give your child the opportunity to explore STEAM through play. Using simple tools and simple questions, students will solve problems and design solutions. Lessons will be centered around children’s literature and thematically geared towards students’ interests throughout the year.

A typical enrichment class will include:

  • Welcome and a story.

  • Students will be presented with a task related to solving a problem with the characters in the story.

  • Students will hypothesize/question how best to solve the task.

  • Using their set of materials, students will work in small cooperative groups to design a solution.

  • Students will share/test their solutions.

  • Class will regroup and discuss the outcomes.

Sample Lessons:

  • After reading Turkey Trouble, students will be asked to create a hideout to protect the turkey from the farmer.

  • After reading Gingerbread Baby, students will design a bridge for the gingerbread boy to escape the fox.

  • We will use fairytales to challenge students to think of a way for Jack to get off the beanstalk, to create the perfect bed for Goldilocks, and for the Three Little Pigs to find safety from the wolf.

Students will be challenged to think outside the box in each session!